Reduce Pet Stress From Loud Noises

By July 23, 2019 Blog

Fireworks and storms can stress out even the most relaxed pet. Here are a few vet-approved tips to help keep your pets calm during stressful times:

  • Distract them with treats
  • Play with them using their favorite toys
  • Turn on the lights inside
  • Close your blinds
  • Play music/TV/white noise
  • Find a quiet, escape proof space in the interior of the home
  • Use a Thundershirt
  • Take a picture in case they escape
  • Try a calming medication

Additional pet-safety tips to consider:

  • Does your pet have identification?
  • Is your pet microchipped? If so is the microchip registered?
  • Do you have a recent picture of your pet, in case they are lost?
  • Reduce the chances of your pet harming themselves or escaping:
    • Move them to an interior escape proof room.
    • Alert any guests to be careful not to let pet escape.

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